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Yazbek gives back

Snippet of article that pertains to Norbert:

This week, he calls on singer-songwriter Nellie McKay, Tony-winner Norbert Leo Butz and Metropolitan soprano Lauren Flanigan to help out two causes that are close to his heart and close to his home.

They've worked together before, these friends, at an acclaimed winter appearance at Lincoln Center.

Butz, who won his Tony for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," also starred in "Wicked" and in "Rent." This season, he was the lead in "Is He Dead?," a newly discovered Mark Twain play in which he dressed like a woman for much of the evening.

How close is Yazbek's friendship with Butz?

The actor let Yazbek kill him once.

The occasion was a party for Tony-winner O'Brien, who had directed "Scoundrels" and "Monty." Yazbek was asked to send a video tribute.

"On the video, I announced that I was going to pay Jack O'Brien the ultimate compliment, which was human sacrifice," he says. "I called Norbert and said 'I need to kill you on tape for Jack O'Brien. You're going to take your shirt off and I'm going to take a ritual dagger and plunge it into your chest and blood's going to spurt in my face.

"And he said 'When can I be there?'" Yazbek recalls with a laugh.

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