Team Fitzgerald! (cant_be_still) wrote in norbertleobutz,
Team Fitzgerald!

Comanche Moon

Did anybody else catch Norbert on tonight's installment? He played a badass, rich cowboy with a handlebar mustache. It was pretty sexy. :P I couldn't tell what he was saying half the time...

He might be on tomorrow night again, I don't know. I was surprised at how big his part was considering a) I didn't realize he was in it and b) he's Norbert.

I MIGHT upload his parts, for anyone who didn't catch his awesomeness.

ETA this little picture:
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I've never even heard of it. What is it?
...but I do like cowboys. This sounds so interesting.
It's a part of the Lonesome Dove saga? Dunno.

It's a Western. He was very very funny. Not that he was supposed to be.
Damn, I totally didn't know he was in that. Way cool. I wish I could have seen it though.
I didn't until like an hour before I saw it. I might upload it to youtube in a few days. If I don't, then I'll upload it to sendspace and post it here. For now, I just added a pic.
Either one would be amazing. Seriously. Thanks for the photo. He looks good.
He looks hilarious. And I can't wait to see this.