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Well, just to keep this community up and running, I thought I'd share a small Norbert-related detail.

For Christmas, my aunt gave me the RENT book, and there's a little paragraph in it about NLB, because he was one of the original understudies.
Here's what it says:

Norbert Leo Butz spent four seasons at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. He has played the title role in Lizard and appeared in Hamlet, Saint Joan, and Balm in Gilead. Other credits include productions for the Repertory Theater of St. Louis, Hope Rep, and New Stage Theater.

                                  I went on as Roger ten days after signing my contract, and the audience clapped for me. I thought, "Okay, they're not going to throw tomatoes."

And then there's a little picture of him with the other understudies. I love the quote about tomatoes.
Does anyone know where one can see videos of him in RENT?
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