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Something new!


"Speed-the-Plow" producer Jeffrey Richards says Jeremy Piven is out - and Norbert Leo Butz and William H. Macy are in.

Richards says Butz and Macy will replace Piven in the critically praised Broadway revival of David Mamet's comedy. Piven, star of television's "Entourage," unexpectedly left the play over the weekend, less than two months after the show opened.

Butz, a Tony winner for his role in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," will play Piven's role December 23 through January 11, while Macy takes over for the rest of the run, January 13 through February 22.

Mamet's three-character play about Hollywood glamour, sex and power also stars Elisabeth Moss of TV's "Mad Men" and Raul Esparza.

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Photo Call: Fifty Words

I don't know about you guys, but I'm just a little bit COMPLETELY in love with this picture. *faint*

Norbert Leo Butz and Elizabeth Marvel currently star in MCC Theatre's world premiere of Michael Weller's Fifty Words Off-Broadway.

Austin Pendleton directs the limited run at the Lucille Lortel.

"Something's gone very wrong behind the idyllic façade of Jan and Adam's Brooklyn brownstone," read press notes for the two-character piece. "At 9:10 PM, they're reveling in the freedom of having waved off their young son, Greg, to a neighborhood sleepover. By 9:15 PM, they're both in tears. By 9:25 PM, things are way past tears."

SOURCE (with additional pics)

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Yazbek gives back

Snippet of article that pertains to Norbert:

This week, he calls on singer-songwriter Nellie McKay, Tony-winner Norbert Leo Butz and Metropolitan soprano Lauren Flanigan to help out two causes that are close to his heart and close to his home.

They've worked together before, these friends, at an acclaimed winter appearance at Lincoln Center.

Butz, who won his Tony for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," also starred in "Wicked" and in "Rent." This season, he was the lead in "Is He Dead?," a newly discovered Mark Twain play in which he dressed like a woman for much of the evening.

How close is Yazbek's friendship with Butz?

The actor let Yazbek kill him once.

The occasion was a party for Tony-winner O'Brien, who had directed "Scoundrels" and "Monty." Yazbek was asked to send a video tribute.

"On the video, I announced that I was going to pay Jack O'Brien the ultimate compliment, which was human sacrifice," he says. "I called Norbert and said 'I need to kill you on tape for Jack O'Brien. You're going to take your shirt off and I'm going to take a ritual dagger and plunge it into your chest and blood's going to spurt in my face.

"And he said 'When can I be there?'" Yazbek recalls with a laugh.

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Another pilot...

Also at ABC, Matt Long, Ben Lawson and Norbert Leo Butz have joined David Hemingson's legal drama and Piper Perabo has been cast in "Prince of Motor City." HBO, meanwhile, has added two actresses to its pilot "Suburban Shootout."


The Hemingson drama will star Long ("Jack & Bobby," "Ghost Rider") as a law school graduate who's recruited to join a boutique law firm. Butz (a Tony winner for "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels") will play the man who lures Long's character to the firm, while Lawson will play an associate there.


Cool. I hope this one actually gets to see the light of day.
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I forgot to post this!

I went to see Is He Dead? over the weekend. Norbert was fabulous, as always. Very, very funny. And we met him after and he was so sweet. Tired and I think a little nervous that we and the other girls there were fangirls, but he signed everything, took pictures. He was wonderful.

A full, in-depth review that I wrote can be found here: complete with a picture.

It also goes into Young Frankenstein, since we saw that after.

In my last post in this comm, I posted a Norbert cowboy picture. Lol.
Norbert car

Comanche Moon

Did anybody else catch Norbert on tonight's installment? He played a badass, rich cowboy with a handlebar mustache. It was pretty sexy. :P I couldn't tell what he was saying half the time...

He might be on tomorrow night again, I don't know. I was surprised at how big his part was considering a) I didn't realize he was in it and b) he's Norbert.

I MIGHT upload his parts, for anyone who didn't catch his awesomeness.

ETA this little picture:

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Well, just to keep this community up and running, I thought I'd share a small Norbert-related detail.

For Christmas, my aunt gave me the RENT book, and there's a little paragraph in it about NLB, because he was one of the original understudies.
Here's what it says:

Norbert Leo Butz spent four seasons at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. He has played the title role in Lizard and appeared in Hamlet, Saint Joan, and Balm in Gilead. Other credits include productions for the Repertory Theater of St. Louis, Hope Rep, and New Stage Theater.

                                  I went on as Roger ten days after signing my contract, and the audience clapped for me. I thought, "Okay, they're not going to throw tomatoes."

And then there's a little picture of him with the other understudies. I love the quote about tomatoes.
Does anyone know where one can see videos of him in RENT?
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